America a Muslim Country?

According to this source President Obama has gone on the record in stating that he believed America could be considered (past tense mind you) “one of the largest Muslim countries.” This is interesting.  America should not and cannot be considered a “Christian Nation” according to our President but he has no problem considering it a Muslim one?  Is this a double standard?  I believe so.  Of course one could argue he doesn’t mean by what the nation stands for but merely by the population of Muslims in the country.  But this is what I mean by a double standard.  Because, should the same standard be applied to American concerning Christianity, he would have to say that America is indeed a Christian nation.

With the recent emergence of President Obama’s Muslim roots, it seems America has been duped by their television sets.  Now I am not saying whether he is a Muslim or not.  I will say this.  The church he was attending and the pastor he was being discipled under was in no way a Christian church.  They were a ethnocentric church who denied the trinity and gospel.  My opinion is President Obama is your typical American who is truly uncommitted to any religious system.  He may be a very religious person like many of the people I witness to in downtown chi-town.  But this is more often than not some religion each individual creates that is safe and comforting to them.

The President has also now announced the month of June 2009 as, “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” We are still waiting to hear of the month dedicated to monogamous marriage.  However, those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender may be to bigoted to allow that to ever happen.  There are now 6 states that allow homosexuals to marry.  However, this has caused an uproar in the state of New Hampshire where the polygamist has cried out that if homosexuals are accepted why not them?

All this has reminded me of the book of Judges.  Now I know that America is not Israel.  So please do not misunderstand me.  However, God’s laws and decrees have not changed.  They cannot.  And what we are seeing happening in America is what happens to every culture that does not fear God.

Men do what is right in their own eyes.

I used to think that was saying a really bad thing about those people because they were trying to be evil by doing what was opposed to God’s law.  However, I have recently seen this verse in a completely different light in the last few months.

When it says, “that men did what was right in their own eyes,” it means that the people were legitimately trying to do what was “right.”  That’s not where the problem was.  The problem lies in where they allow their standard to be for discerning what is right.  That is “in their own eyes.”  Oppose to doing what was right in “God’s eyes.”

You see, the large majority of people, I believe, are more often than not trying to do what they believe is right.  The real problem is men know not what is right (Ephesians 4:17-18).  Jeremiah says that men’s hearts are “desperately sick.” And finally that men hate God (Romans 8:7).  So the only answer to their problem is the one thing they hate most.  And so, they are doomed to never know.  For they don’t know the answer and are unwilling to know it!


We tell them.  They may very well hate us for it.  But if we truly care for them and love them, we will tell them.  And please beloved brothers and sisters don’t be shocked when they hate you.  Because they hated Christ as well.  Jesus told us for this reason they will also hate us.

One more thing.  if your purpose for telling them is based upon a love for man rather than a love for man being fueled by a love for God’s glory, you are guilty of humanism.  But I’ll leave that to another post 🙂




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