Q & A on Politics and Abortions

Q and A

Several months ago a friend of mine of a completely different tribe politically, religiously, and philosophically asked me the following questions on abortion.  Here were my answers.



  1. If you belong to a party that at its core believes that all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and seeks to a world where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power, how can you also seek to limit by law an individual’s right for an abortion? By saying that it is wrong because of a religious tenet, aren’t you contradicting your own beliefs about authoritarian powers and liberty?

I do believe the individual has been given by His creator the right to live and pursuit of happiness.  Although, God is the only sovereign being that exist.  And He has entrusted all people with freedom and responsibility.  They will ultimately be held accountable to the Sovereign One on that Great Day.  Concerning governing before that day, all forms of violent crimes undermine the very principle and so are to be punished fairly and appropriately.  The issue of abortion is an example of this. 

2. There are a few state legislatures that have tried to sanction the killing of abortion providers by claiming it is “justifiable homicide.” Where in the Bible does Jesus condone killing people?

Jesus affirms the Old Testament as being God’s Word and authoritative. So we need not hear it directly from Jesus’ mouth to know whether he would hold to such a thing because he believed every word of the Hebrews Scriptures.  As to whether there is ever a justifiable reason to kill, that is tough.  War involves this act, and many Christians who study the Bible have come a conclusion known as “Just War Theory.”  I think many of the same principles under that theory are played out for CP (capital punishment).  I am not a died hard fan of CP because of the unreliability of our court systems.  But I am not completely against it.  It is still a topic for me to study.

3. Earlier this year in the Oklahoma state legislature, a bill was proposed to protect the rights of a fetus at every stage of development, including the protection of an unfertilized egg. This would ban most forms of birth control. There was an amendment proposed, and later withdrawn, that would outlaw masturbation, oral sex, or any other action where a man’s ejaculate was not used with the intent of creating a child. Would you support such an amendment? The Bible does prohibit “spilling one’s seed on the ground” and actions that don’t adhere to going forth and multiplying? Would it not be a double standard to protect the unfertilized egg but not the unsuccessful sperm?

Point made.  Although there is so much debate even within Christendom about the passage on “spilling one’s seed on the ground” as to why the punishment was given by God, most do not think it was for the act but in why he was doing it and what the consequences were.  You can read about it in Genesis 38?  I don’t think this issue is as easy.  I personally would not pass such a bill.  Practically I do not know how it could be implemented.  Perhaps it would be helpful to distinguish the difference between crimes and sins.  All crimes are sins but not all sins are crimes.  A crime is a sin that directly affects and harms the public.  The sin of envy is not a crime but stealing is.  The state is to enforce the law concerning crimes, not sins.

4. Sister Joan Chittister, a Catholic nun, recently said, “…just because you are anti-abortion that does not make you pro-life. In fact, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born and not a fed child, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because, you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life, that is pro-birth.” But your policies go towards cutting any programs that might help the less fortunate. If you were a poor person with little hope of being able to feed, clothe, or provide shelter, why would you bring a child into the world? Even if you give that child up for adoption, what hope might it have in a world where social services are non-existent?

I believe individuals ought to use all the resources to help the poor, weak, and needy.  Forcing people is another issue.  Robbing people of their wages to give to someone else is not what Jesus encouraged.  Jesus focused on the heart of people and sought to expose the selfish nature in all of us and the need to be born again so that we can be freed to serve, love, and give.  It would be wrong for me to rob a man because I needed the money.  The government is no different when it robs people of their wages because someone else needs it.  God is judge and he will judge the actions and the motives of people and how they used what was entrusted to them to serve, love, and give.  Should my son love his sister?  YES!  Can I make him? NO!  Can I influence him and teach him to do so?  Yes.  So it is with giving and many other good and charitable acts to be done. Again, selfishness is a sin but it does not follow that it is a crime.  Nor does complicating the issue by committing a crime (stealing ones wages) in order to address the effects of ones sin a wise or profitable solution.

5. In a world where abortion(s) were illegal, mothers that did not have the emotional or financial wherewithal to care for a child with Down Syndrome would be forced to give birth and probably give the child up for adoption. Given the low numbers for adoption in the US, the ease in which adoptive parents can go overseas to adopt children with lesser needs, and the fatality rate for un-adopted DS babies, when can we expect YOU and YOUR family members to start adopting American children with Down Syndrome? Crack babies, babies with AIDS, any severe condition that can be detected before birth will do. Because very few prominent conservatives seem to be taking care of these kids that would otherwise be wards of the state. Would you be for a bill that required families with means and self-identified as pro-life to adopt special needs children?

I will!  We have been saving to adopt for several years now.  We are well aware of the need and hope to help.  I know many others (friends, and also people within our church) who want to do likewise.  Our church is currently funding an orphanage.  Built them a home, bought beds, a television to watch soccer, and so on. For Christmas my family and extended family didn’t buy gifts for each other but rather gave gifts to the orphans in their name.  You would be surprised the people eager to help and serve in the ways they are able.  The problem is not so much a willingness to adopt children with Christians as it is how difficult the government has made it to adopt.

6. The Bible commands us to go forth and multiply. Should employers pay for expensive fertility treatments as part of their medical benefits based on their religious stances?

No.  The mandate does not condemn involuntary infertility.  The mandate encourages a desire to promote, protect, and preserve life.  Again, forcing a company, a person, or organization to spend their wages or profits a certain way is a form of robbing.

7. Studies have shown a reduction in crime, infanticide, teen age drug use, and teen age childbearing consistent with the theory that abortion will reduce other social ills. Murder rates in minority communities a decade after abortion was legalized were lower by significant margins than in previous generations. If you rail against all of these social ills, why would you not favor abortion? Do you prefer locking up blacks and Latinos or are you hoping that they will just kill each other?

I do not favor abortion.  And I don’t want them to kill each other after birth either.  Where is the option for not killing each other off in the womb or out of the womb?  Because that would be my choice.  The end does not justify the means.  America could drop an a-bomb on the Middle East and eliminate many future wars and deaths and sickness.  But that wouldn’t make it right.

8. You say that abortion is murder under any circumstance. Rape, incest, safety of the mother, there is no situation in which abortion would be justified. What if your daughter were forcibly raped in a grotesque fashion by a close relative and carrying this child to term would certainly kill your daughter? On top of that an ultrasound showed that the baby had cloven hooves for feet, horns on its head, and a forked tongue? Plus, religious leaders of many denominations suggested that if the baby were born that it would mean the triumph of Satan on Earth. Would you allow your daughter to get an abortion then?

How old is my daughter?  Is she still under my care?  Or is she an adult that she is to make her own choices and bear the consequences of them?  I will always love my daughter, despite what she does.  In any case, I would never encourage her to kill a baby.  I believe in a God that is sovereign over all things.  I am not, nor am I to make decisions that a being with such knowledge and power would possess.  I am responsible to obey all that God has revealed and trust Him with the results.  I am not commanded to kill the devil.  I am commanded to preserve and protect life.  Not to play the pretend prophet game and act upon those supposed predictions.  On a lighter note, you know a lot of strange Christian leaders.
9. Most Christians believe that God is loving and merciful towards those that have not done him any harm. What does God do to the souls of aborted babies? Do they go to Hell with the aborting parents? Does not seem very merciful. Do they get put back in the soul hopper and eventually get born? Or do they go straight to Heaven since it was not their fault they got aborted (since everything happens due to God’s plan) and wouldn’t that be the best thing not having to suffer on Earth with parents that did not want them? Seriously though, isn’t the fate of the parents up to God and not religious fanatics that want to impose their will on others?

Christians do not believe anyone goes to heaven because they are innocent of sin and guilt.  All are sinners guilty and sinners from conception.  That is what makes Christianity different than all other religions.  No matter the religion, all teach that we must find or earn our way to heaven.  Christians teach that God brings heaven to us.  I don’t know where babies go that get aborted.  God has not spoken in the Bible on such things.  Where He is silent, I must be silent.  I don’t believe in a soul hopper.  Yes in the end God will judge and do what is right.  But Christians are charged to limit the wickedness and seek that which was lost in the beginning.  (Not sure if I understood your question, hope that answers it though)
10. If you could go back in time and were only able to convince the mother of (Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden. Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, or the guy that figured out how to give abortions) to have an abortion, what would you do?

Teach her and her son about Jesus Christ. 🙂




For future “Q & A” go to the contact me tab and e-mail me your questions.  I will keep your identity private while seeking ym best to answer your questions to the best of my ability supplied by the grace and wisdom provided by God.


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