Why God’s Holiness (Still) Matters

I want to start this post with a bold claim.
Without God’s holiness there would be no cross of Christ.

Allow me to explain.  Love was a motivation for God to send His Son. But love is not the reason God had to send His Son. It was God’s holiness that demanded atonement. And so, if God were not holy, there would be no cross.  In the words of A.H. Strong, “Love chastens…but only holiness punishes.”

Today, I think Western Civilization has much to say about love and tolerance. Sadly, it does not have much to say about holiness and righteousness. Yet, these are the very truths about God that undergird love and tolerance. If there is no holy, what is worthy of our affections? And if there is no righteousness, what is there to tolerate and be long-suffering with?

The reality is we have been made to love and worship the Holy One. And when we take our eyes off of God, we as a people are the ones that suffer. Because we do not cease to worship and love, rather, we love and worship little things that are not big enough for all people in all times to love and worship. And so, in the end, we war and fight over what we think must be loved and worshipped.

Christians, we have been given a message that changes the hearts of men and women. It is a message that gives “new hearts” that love and worship that which is most lovely and good. Tell them about Jesus Christ! He is the Holy One of God! He is worthy of all our praise! And He will bring together all the nations to peace, unity, love, and holiness!  Only God is sufficient to bring the unity that we so badly long for.  So long as we reject His Son Jesus Christ, we also reject peace.  And ironically, we in our pursuit of love, apart from God’s holiness, end up putting to death love.  This truth will largely inform not only our concept of love, but also influence how we are to love.  And this is why much of what is being done today in the name of love is sadly harmful and is similar to a doctor not informing a patient they have cancer in hopes of not ruining their patient’s fun-filled planned day.  Let us not be deceived brethren.  Our message of love does not begin there.  It begins with a holy God who is zealous for His glory to be made known because He alone is worthy.


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