What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?

Here’s a really good lecture given in Chicago concerning the issue of common debate in our culture.  Kevin DeYoung directs his address to those who believe the Bible to be the final authority in all matters.  In other words, his address seeks to correct the revisionist while also pleading with those sitting on the fence to have a stance.  I highly commend this video to you!




14 thoughts on “What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?

  1. I’ve watched and read Matthew Vines. The video posted responds to Vines and exposes the many fallacies he makes. Preference and taste are not the issue here. Truth is, and truth is not privy to our taste but to what is right. Could you explain where Kevin is in error?


  2. Imagine is something we wish to be true Clare. The Bible explicitly states homosexuality to be a sin. Those who reject God’s Word are the ones imagining a false world they wish were true.


  3. Well, what about the Bible supporting slavery? Well, really, it treats it like we treat electricity, as perfectly normal. No, you can’t enslave Canadians.

    Can women speak in church?


  4. Clare, thanks talking with and engaging me in a respectful way. A more fundamental question for us is , “is the Bible your highest authority as it is mine?” If not that’s where the conversation should start.


  5. Well, it depends what you mean by highest authority. If you mean sacrificing the first-born, not just in Egypt but that bloke in Judges, then no.

    I don’t take it literally. Jonah records that God continually surprises us, not that Nineveh repented.


  6. What do you mean by that?

    Would you believe we should follow what the Bible says ignoring moral development since, such as our understanding that slavery is wrong?

    Do you believe Jonah is a historical figure?


  7. I mean, those who penned God’s Word as we have today in the Bible, that we should seek to understand what the writer meant when he wrote it, taking into account the genre he used, the context in which he wrote it, who his audience was, and believe that once we have rightly understood what the original author meant then we have discerned truth from God’s word.

    I don’t believe in moral development. I believe moral are a reflection of God’s goodness. Good doesn’t change so neither does mortality.

    Yes, I believe Jonah to be a real historical figure.


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