The True Marks of a Mature Christian

Joyful Orthodoxy



A number of years ago I had a grown of woman literal do what the woman above in the photo is doing.  I was directing traffic and I had to enforce the law.  This was her response.  The caption really nails doesn’t it?

However, when it comes to spiritual matters, maturity is far more crucial to have isn’t it?  So can I ask you, are you a mature Christian?  How do you perceive yourself in your progress in the Christian walk?  When you are examining the life of others to discern whether they are a mature Christian that you could look up to, how do you decide whether they are someone who ought to disciple you?  Is maturity likened to one’s forwardness about their faith?  Is it determined by how willing they are to serve in a church?  Is it discerned by their level of zeal or fervor for responsibility?

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