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I was born in the spring of 1984 in the Midwest of the U.S.A.  Raised in a Christian home with 4 brothers (3 older and 1 younger).  My childhood memories are filled with times of my mother sitting me down with my four brothers and teaching us the about the God of the Scriptures.  Even though I was fortunate to hear the gospel regularly I did not repent of my sins and believe in the Gospel until I was 15.

My conversion was radical, a new desire to study and know what the Scriptures taught, a genuine love and communion with God that I never had before, and a power to love God and man in a way unknown to me before.  I did not know what the Doctrines of Grace were, however the day after I was saved I found myself defending Limited Atonement before my classroom before I knew what it was called.  This was the conversation that lead me to want to know what Scriptures taught about everything!

From there my journey of following Christ has lead to  pursuing the high calling of Elder/Pastor and  graduating from Moody Bible Institute on December of ’08.  I was married in December of ’05 to my best friend and wonderful helper Ashley-Nicole.  We have sinced been blessed with 6 children (1 daughter was lost due to miscarriage and 1 son was born still).  In May of 2014 the LORD graciously entrusted me with the high honor and noble task of pastoring his flock in South Dakota.  I served as the Associate Pastor there for two years and one year as the Lead Pastor.

I am a Christian, Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical, Baptist.  I am zealous to know and teach the truth. Sometimes my passion and fervor can be misunderstood and misguided, more often than not I am learning how to speak the truth in love. I ask a lot of questions, always analyzing, and striving to figure things out. If I challenge you or ask you questions, it isn’t because I am attacking you, it’s because I value you and therefore, want to understand your thoughts.  Some of the greatest influential men in my life and doctrine are: Jesus Christ, Apostles, Athanasius, Augustine, Anselm, Luther, Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Sproul, Piper, Greg Bahsen, Wayne Grudem, Francis Schaeffer, Arturo Azurdia III, Paul Washer, my pastors, my father, and my good friend Skip Smith.




10 thoughts on “About Stephen

  1. Thanks for your blog on the magnitude of abortion. With your permission I’d like to use some of it in letters to the editor regarding how important it is to not elect Obama.


  2. Mike I would be honored to have my article used to STOP or limit in whatever way possible abortion. You have my permission. I am glad that, I can serve you and this cause! God bless and Godspeed!


  3. Stephen – Looks like you’ve got some good, substantive work here. I’ve been teaching Bible at a Christian high school for 8 years now. I hope you are able to fulfill your desire as God leads.


  4. Great site and I’ve only been able to spend a short time here…so far anyway. I’ve found it to be full of excellent information, challenging, and quite encouraging. Thanks Stephen, and God bless.


  5. @MJohnson,
    I am humbled by your comment. Thank-you so much for visiting and please come again. My desire is to see a regular group of people who come on and comment so that a discussion could form on the posts being made. Thanks again for your comment! God bless!



  6. I suspect that your expressed sentiment “I would enjoy talking with you I am sure.” is reserved to only persons who are flatteries of your stated belief. But it is described that a man only becomes sharpened by conflict not by flattery. For the command is “Love your enemy.” Is it needful to remind that if you do not obey Him it is also positive proof that you do not love Him? I see that you are a grad. of MBI and in regard to this it has been ruled that the student cannot be otherwise than like his teacher ref. Lk. 6:40. If you will not obey Him neither have they.


  7. Mr. Jones,
    I am sorry you get the impression that I only want to hear from those who agree with me. I know I am a sinner and have many faults an I apologize for not being able to reply to your questions and comments promptly. I do hope to answer your questions. I also hope that you can accept that we may not agree no matter what I say.

    Concerning MBI, I am grateful for the institution I have received a great education and am thankful to God I got to receive it free because of the generosity of others donating to the school. I am sorry that my behavior has caused you to think poorly of the school. However, I must say that you are not being patient nor gracious in your estimation of the school which you as a professing believer need to be.

    Moody has been used of God to equip thousands of people to go and serve in spreading the gospel to the world. Moody has also been extremely generous with “their enemies” in the community we live in. They are only a human institution and so they do have their limitation. I am sure this is what has left you frustrated with me and the institution. Perhaps give people time to think and pray in their response to you. And perhaps accept being wronged from time to time rather than bitter.

    Concerning your many questions on PSA. I have responded to your questions and it seems we will not agree on the issue. I have recommended a source that I feel would be a better help to you than I. Allow me to close with this. Getting this right or wrong is getting the gospel right or wrong because of the crucial role atonement plays in salvation. So be careful, be fair, be humble, and be open to what the Scripture says.



  8. I found your blog while googling for commentaries on the Beatitudes. I read that specific blog page and was struck by the simplicity yet insightfulness of your message. Coming to this page I am pleased to discover a young believer with his sights set on a lifetime of service. As a 61 year old who has been a Christian for some 30 years, I value the energy, faith, and spiritual vigor of people like you. May God richly bless you, your family, and your ministry to others.


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