Gospel-Driven Living

gospel 101

It has now become a fad within Evangelicalism to talk about being “gospel-centered.”  But is this Biblical language?  And does the Bible support this teaching.  Furthermore, if we are to use this phraseology what are to understand it to mean when we use it?  Well, Pastor Stephen has written a series providing a Biblical basis for this thinking as well as written several practical post of what it looks like to live a “Gospel-driven Life.”  Enjoy!

Part 1

“The Power of God unto Salvation”

In this post, Pastor Stephen provides a Biblical basis for why the gospel is central to Christian Living.

Part 2

“The Gospel Makes Us Different”

In this post, we learn  that their are no substitutes for the gospel being the means for sanctification or becoming more like Jesus.

Part 3

“Judging, Pride, and the Gospel”

In this post, we dive into the first of 4 practical lessons in how living a gospel-driven life looks.  In this first one we learn how to fight pride and the sin of wrongfully judging others.

Part 4

“Money, Baking, and the Gospel”

How can good things like money become an idol in our life?  And how do we become freed from the love of money?  Find out in this post.

Part 5

“Miscarriage, Suffering, and the Gospel”

This post tells us the gospel has everything to do with suffering and trials in life.  Suffering and trials don’t come because we lack faith, they come to increase our faith in the sure rock of Christ Jesus our LORD!

Part 6

“Authority, Parenting, and the Gospel”

In this post, we learn that the Gospel teaches us that leading has to do with not seeking my self-interest but the interest of others and primarily God’s.  Having this mindset helps us to lead and parent not only more effectively but more importantly in a way that pleases our Heavenly Father,


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