About Kofi

I was born into a Pentecostal Christian minister’s family as the oldest of four children but never really heard the Gospel. God saved me at the age of 14 through the wise witness of a Sunday school teacher. I came to the Doctrines of Grace at the age of 17 through the ministry of a retired Presbyterian pastor who mentored me and taught me the value of Biblical discipleship. I’m currently serving the Lord as part of the fellowship at GraceLife London, a church plant in central London (the greatest city in the world!) I’ve been heavily influenced by the ministry of John MacArthur, particularly in terms of the centrality of expository, Christ-centred preaching. Other influences would include Dr Peter Masters, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Dr Arturo Azurdia III. Some of my favourite books include “The Gospel According to Jesus” by Dr MacArthur, “Preaching and Preachers” by Dr Lloyd-Jones, “Communion with God” by John Owen and “Pierced for Our Transgressions” by Steve Jeffery, Andrew Sach and Michael Ovey.

In Christ,



2 thoughts on “About Kofi

  1. My former church took its name from yours. It was once called “Grace Reformed Baptist Church”, but is now called “Grace Life Church.” I think their pastor knows yours (or one of yours, at least). He’s a Master’s alumnus.


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