New Address Same Faith

The blog I started back in 2007 has been undergoing some serious changes.  I have wanted to include other writers who share the faith to provide more conversation and accountability.  If you check out the tabs on top of this blog you can read a short bio for each of the writers for this blog.  But’s here’s how I know each one of these men personally.

I met Doug via internet.  Soon after starting up my blog I had found myself being linked to a blog post.  It was there I found myself reading some comments on the post and Doug’s comments seemed to have substance and thought behind them.  I went to his blog and soon found out how we were likeminded in our passions and theology.  We have talked via internet for several years and I hope to meet this brother face to face someday on this side of life.  Doug is an excellent writer and gifted with a sharp mind and a passionate heart for Christ.

I met Brock while I attended Moody Bible Institute.  He came to college with a passion to learn and grow!  I have been blessed to know this brother and we have had our fair share of late night talks solving all the theological problems.  We have also had our times of prayer and mourning together.  Brock is a dear friend and brother and I know he will challenge you to love Jesus more and more.

I have known Zack for over a decade now but it is only in the last three years that we have bonded to be closer than brothers.  Zack got saved and since his conversion God has given him an insatiable appetite to learn and grow in our LORD and Savior.  In the three years he has known the LORD he seems to have grown to have the maturity of Christian who has walked with the LORD for sometime.  Seeing the LORD’s hand on this brother is a tremendous blessing and encouragement to my heart!

I love you men  and I look forward to ministering with you via internet. 🙂

Lastly, due to the changes to this blog I thought it only right to change the web address to this blog to more accurately reflect the new characteristics of the blog.  So the new blog adress will be  I hope this doesn’t cause any one too much confusion.