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Though I may not be so prompt in responding, I would be glad to serve in anyway I can should there be a need.  If you so desire you can contact Stephen Willcox at his e-mail address which is:



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  1. I have been reading the Psalms from the BCP 1928 (Cloverdale) for about two years daily as the BCP breaks it into Morning and Evening Prayer. Everyday I read them I see Christ and Paul clearly. Am I mistaken that Romans 3:23 is based on Psalms 14 and 53? Is Jesus alluding to the entire Psalm 22 and Psalm 31: 6 “Into thy hands I commend my spirit; * for thou hast redeemed me, O LORD, thou God of truth” when He is on the cross?

    In the Lamb,

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  2. @Rafe,
    Thank-you for question. Concerning Jesus I do think Jesus is pointing His hearers to those Psalms. Concerning Romans 3:23, allusions from Psalm 14 and 53 seem to be in Paul’s mind a bit earlier in Romans 3:10-22. But Paul is certainly building the climax of his point in Romans 3:23-26 from the Psalms you have mentioned.

    I have a question for you Rafe if you got a chance to answer. What is the BCP 1928 (Cloverdale)? Thank-you and may God bless your studies of His Word!


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